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Where effortless style & ethics combine


Onesta is beautiful, simple, slow-fashion for those who care about making a difference.

What we wear tells the story of who we are and make no mistake, we know that looking good makes you feel good. That’s why it’s our mission to source ethically, our campaign to expose exploitation and our calling to create sustainably.

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Crafted from Nature.

Made in Wales.

Luxury clothing with a difference

Every timeless classic in our collection is made from premium, luxurious fabric and trims that are produced sustainably and ethically. Crafted from natural fibres, such as seaweed and eucalyptus trees, and natural vegetable-based dyes, there are no nasty toxins or pesticides.


Each garment is soft and gentle to the touch making it ultra-comfortable especially for those with sensitive skin. The fabrics we use not only feel good, they’re also good for your skin – all our loungewear is breathable and helps prevent the growth of bacteria (including odour) on your skin while our seaweed tee has antioxidant properties that helps soothes skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Made in the UK, each garment is produced to the highest quality and is designed to last!

Our Positive Impact

Sustainable Fashion



Sustainable Fashion

Low carbon footprint

Sustainable Fashion

Biodegradable packaging

Sustainable Fashion

Keeping our oceans clean

Sustainable Fashion

Innovative fabrics

Sustainable Fashion

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