Reducing waste

Image by Kristen Morith

Did you know?

The fashion industry is the world’s second biggest polluter making up 10% of global carbon emissions. That’s more emissions that all international flights combined!


Approximately 85% of textiles are incinerated or go into landfills each year - that's enough to fill the Sydney harbour annually! This creates more emissions of hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases from incinerator stacks or landfills.


If the fashion sector continues its current trajectory, that share of the carbon budget could jump to 26% by 2050. Our consumption of fast fashion is depleting the earth’s resources and pushing the boundaries of earth’s capacity to absorb hazardous chemicals and greenhouse emissions. This is not sustainable, and something has to change!

Onesta's Commitments

 1. We have chosen to produce a small range of classic clothing that never goes out of style, using extremely high quality fabrics that will ensure your garments last for years and years. Buying from Onesta is an investment in your wardrobe!

2. We want to reduce the amount of clothes thrown away and sent to landfill, so not only is our clothing timeless but it is extremely durable and can be washed again and again without affecting the feel or look of your clothing.  

3. We have designed our garments to utilise as much of the fabric as possible, reducing the quantity of fabric that is wasted and thrown away. We find uses for fabric excess scraps which are normally thrown away in traditional manufacturing.  

4. We have chosen methods of garment production that avoids toxic waste like fast fashion manufacturers. We use suppliers who use natural products, avoid toxic chemicals and dyes, and use a closed loop water system to re-use water in production. 


5. We look to recycle everything! The thread we use is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles helping us to reduce plastic waste. Our packaging is compostable and recyclable. Our swing tags are made from recycled paper and wildflower seeds, so you can plant them and watch them grow!

6. Our waste should not end up impacting our planet. We are committed to becoming / being zero-waste and we are on a journey to ensure that every element of Onesta is waste free in the future.