• Bethan Millns

Hello from our Creative Practitioner!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Hia! My name is Bethan and I am Onesta's Creative Practitioner. Here's a bit about me and how I got interested in Fashion Design and Sustainability...

... I have always been interested in anything creative, being influenced by my late Mothers drive for making art, be it through painting, sculpting, knitting and sewing. Having her around was the reason why I wanted to pursue a career fashion, especially involving sewing and design. I would be encouraged to get stuck in to anything artsy!

This did not change after her passing. My passion for sewing just grew stronger. It brought me comfort and was something I wanted to share with others, which led me to study Fashion Design in at school and as a BA Degree. This is where I learned about the unethical production of our clothing. I was shocked at the devastating conditions that workers are put through to make our clothing and how ridiculously cheap labour is considered. I was shocked to see how much waste is produced in the production process; I knew this had to change. Which is why I decided to focus my final year degree project on Fashion waste, I wanted to find ways that I could make a collection of clothing made from reduced waste and would be a message to all those around. 

This is when I found out about Onesta, I was able to join the team as an intern straight out of completing my degree, which is not seen very often! Working as part of Onesta I have been able to learn so much more about fashion production, sustainability, and ethical processes. I am still learning and am enjoying every minute of it, the team is so lovely, we are somewhat of a little family.

I like to utilise my spare time by working on other sewing projects, spend time with friends, family, and church. But most of all, cwtching (a welsh cuddle) up with my dogs in front of the TV!

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