Image by Ian Cylkowski


Our Story

Our story begins in the small town of Llanelli in South Wales with a dream of making a difference…  


South Wales has a rich textile history that has sadly been depleted over the years. Having once been a hub for   textile manufacturing, South Wales has felt the impact of factories closing and manufacturing being outsourced overseas.  


Born in Wales and proud of our Welsh heritage, Onesta is bringing manufacturing back to Wales with a clothing brand that is kind to the planet, kind to people and kind to animals. And so I decided to launch a sustainable and ethical fashion brand based in Llanelli. 


An honest brand 

Our name combines our founder, Gabriella Diana, Welsh and Italian heritage – in both languages, Onesta means “honest” - embodying the core value of the brand – transparency. Onesta is a brand that actively seeks to produce clothing that does not have a harmful effect on the environment, that supports workers across the entire supply chain and provides full transparency of production to our customers.   


Leaving a legacy 

A lot of brands talk only about their founder but building the Onesta brand has been a team effort and the Onesta team has become a family. We’re working hard together to make this dream a reality because it’s not just a job for us – it’s a legacy we are building to create a better future. 


This is not just a fashion brand, it’s a brand with a social purpose!  


We donate proceeds to charity to reinvest in our planet and help people who are being affected by fast fashion brands. We are bringing jobs back to rural locations and to the UK, where we can ensure that workers are treated with respect. We’re keeping manufacturing in the UK while making small batches of clothing to ensure quality and craftsmanship.  


We’re on a mission to make a difference to our planet. We’re not trying to conquer the whole world, we’re just trying to make a small difference where we can and hope that by collaborating with like-minded brands, we can become a transformative leader in the fashion industry to create a better tomorrow.  


We want to help change people’s perspective about the clothes they buy and encourage them to consider who made their clothes and how their clothes are made. We prioritise sustainability which means that we make timeless, long-lasting clothes that can be worn for years without going out of style. We use local manufacturers who make small batches of clothes for us so that unsold garments don’t end up in a landfill. We value quantity over quality, using innovative fabrics from companies who are pioneering a new way forward to make better and more sustainable clothing. We make informed decisions about our impact on the environment and we are constantly finding ways to create the best products we can.  


We’re so excited to be taking this journey and hope that will join us in creating a better tomorrow.