Maternity kind

Our skin is our body’s biggest organ and protecting it and treating it well is essential, especially for expecting mums.

Take care of your body

Thousands of chemicals are used in clothes manufacturing, many of them toxic, posing a huge problem for our health. A handful of examples include pesticides, chlorine bleach, polycrylonitriles, formaldehyde, ammonia, petroleum and carcinogenics. Scientific studies have found these chemicals are linked to serious health concerns including skin conditions, cancers and respiratory problems. Wearing these fabrics expose our bodies to these harsh chemicals which can be absorbed through the skin and can be emitted into the atmosphere when laundered. You can read more about this on our blog post here. 



Even though your outfit may look good and feel comfortable, what you are wearing can be dangerous for your skin and your general health. We believe these dangerous fabrics should always be avoided, but especially during pregnancy and the months following.


Onesta refuses to produce clothes using harmful fabrics such as polyester, nylon, acrylic or conventional cotton. The fabrics we use are organic and kind to the skin, so you can look good and feel good without worrying about your health!