Low carbon footprint

We’re keeping our carbon footprint low and that includes how our products are packaged and delivered to you.  

Our packaging is all 100% compostable using only natural ingredients (even our adhesives and inks are free from toxins and are vegetable-based!) which means that they are safe to compost and good for the soil and doesn’t pollute the air. 


We’re part of an Eco-Packaging Alliance with our packaging supplier that makes sure we are not just taking from nature but giving back to it. For every packaging order, trees are planted in deforested regions across the world to help revive biodiversity.  


Another way we are giving back is by using an innovative seed paper for our swing tags, which are made from recycled paper and wildflower/grass seeds! They’re a little extra gift for you too – simply plant in your garden and watch it grow! 

We’re using shipping companies who are striving towards a sustainable future. Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to use a fully green, zero-emissions shipping company for nationwide delivery, however much is being done within the shipping industry to reduce overall carbon emissions, so we are confident that in the future this will be a reality.