Biodegradable packaging

As part of our commitment to have a positive impact on the environment, we use only biodegradable and compostable packaging that is made from plant-based materials. This means that our packaging can go back to where it came from – the earth – without doing harm to the planet, people or animals. We’ve sourced eco-friendly packaging materials to help reduce landfill waste and keep our carbon footprint as low as we can. Here’s what’s so good about the packaging we use: 

Our Mailer Bags are made from plant-based materials and are certified OK Home Compostable, so you can put them in your home compost or in your compost bin. They also contain a secondary adhesive strip so you can reuse the mailer bag.  

We need to use something sticky to secure our packaging, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be full of chemicals. Our packaging uses only non-toxic adhesives, which means the bags, stickers and tape are safe to use and safe to dispose of in the compost.  

Our packaging uses vegetable- and water-based inks which are healthier for the planet and for you too. These can be safely composted as they come from nature.  

The Tissue Paper we use is eco-friendly, FSC certified and is printed with soy-based ink. It’s made so that the ink won’t transfer from the tissue paper.  You can find out more about FSC here.