Sustainable Fashion


An honest approach to fashion

Style should not cost lives. That’s why we at Onesta have come together to bring you stylish fashion that you will feel good in and feel good about. When you purchase from Onesta, you are supporting people around the world, from the farmers to the producers, being kind to animals and being good to the earth. 


Onesta means 'Honest' and honesty is one of our core values! We recognise our responsibility in protecting workers, caring for the earth, upholding animal welfare and conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable way, so that you are confident that there are no hidden costs to your purchase. 

Our Drivers
Sustainable Fashion
Conserving Our Earth

The earth is our life force, sustaining us and giving us the resources we need to survive and thrive. We depend on the earth for food, shelter, water and oxygen - our basic needs. Whether or not we realise it, the way we treat the earth leaves a legacy for the future generations. So what legacy are we leaving?  

In recent history, our relationship with earth is much about taking and little about giving. But to create a sustainable earth, we need to be giving back as well.  

With a view of being stewards of the earth and all that is in it, Onesta seeks to be a champion for sustaining the earth, leaving it better than we found it. After all, we are only temporarily on this earth before we leave it to others. Not only are we trying to leave it healthier for future generations, we also hope to inspire the future generations to nurture the earth as it nurtures us.  

Respecting All People

We believe every person should be treated with respect and be able to support themselves and their families. Too many people working in the garment industry are at risk of being seriously injured, developing life-threatening diseases, and losing access to basic human needs and rights like clean water, healthy foods, access to health care and education, adequate housing and even clean air to breathe.  


Looking after the earth helps improve the lives of the people around the world, but we also take responsibility for the wellbeing of those in our supply chain. We believe that a living wage should not only cover basic needs for families, but enable them to afford medical treatment, childcare, proper housing, transportation, healthy food, and education, without sacrificing their savings. We also advocate and require safe and healthy working conditions, regulated working hours, statutory entitlements like holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, etc. and giving people a voice in the workplace.  

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Protecting All Animals

Animals including rabbits, minks, goats, foxes, crocodiles, alpacas, llamas, and even dogs and cats are used in the fashion industry for luxury and everyday clothing. Sadly, billions of animal derived garments have been made through cruel, inhumane processes. Furthermore, controversy has arisen as faux branded garments have been found to contain real animal products. 

At Onesta, we believe in protecting the lives of all animals. We only work with suppliers who share our values and are actively against animal cruelty and animal testing.